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Do you know the correct way to use the online dispenser?

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Online dispensing machines are still quite different from our usual dispensing machines. If it is not used properly, it will affect the effect. How to use it has become a headache for many customers.
Ground-mounted on-line dispensing machine
Method of using on-line dispensing machine:
1. Vacuum extraction system vacuum defoaming glue to prevent bubbles in the mixing process, glue can also be stationary for 10-20 minutes, to better eliminate bubbles in glue!
2. According to the correct use of online dispensing machine is relatively important, glue should be properly mixed according to the actual situation to avoid waste of glue, because the more glue is mixed, the faster the glue solidifies, the more serious the waste of glue!
Desktop on-line glue coating machine
3. In the case of unskilled should be a small amount of trial, master its operation methods can be put into use in large quantities, but also to reduce the waste of glue! This is also an important aspect in the use of on-line dispenser.
4. Products requiring dispensing before dispensing should be cleaned to keep their surfaces dry and clean.
5. The collocation of glue should be measured according to the volume of the product to be filled with glue. After mixing, glue should be stirred evenly to prevent the glue from solidifying. The glue after mixing should be filled in an appropriate time to avoid wasting glue!
Automatic gluing on-line dispensing machine
6. During the curing process, it is necessary to maintain the product level so as to avoid the glue overflowing during the curing process.

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