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How to effectively solve the problem of rubber leakage in sp

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Nowadays, the use of spraying machine provides a great support for industrial automation production, which makes industrial automation production more efficient and convenient. However, because the automation equipment is composed of many precise parts, some faults will inevitably occur in this process. How to solve the problem of rubber leakage in spraying machine?
How to Solve the Problem of Rubber Leakage
The leakage of glue in automatic spraying machine is mainly caused by the small diameter of needle in automatic dispensing machine. So what methods should we take to adjust the size of needle?
The small needle diameter of the injection tool will affect the flow of liquid and cause back pressure, which will lead to the leakage of glue sprayer shortly after the closure of the glue valve. When the glue valve starts to use, too small needle will also affect the action of bubble removal, as long as the larger needle is replaced, this problem can be solved; tapered oblique injection dispensing The needle produces small back pressure and smooth liquid flow. The air in the liquid will leak after the rubber valve closes. The air in the liquid should be excluded beforehand, or the glue which is not easy to contain bubbles should be used, or centrifugal defoaming should be used before use to avoid leakage of glue.

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