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How to solve the overheating problem of Longmen high speed d

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High speed dispensing machine powerful work station to build the Longmen type structure, can in an instant glue injection dispensing adhesive surface in the moment, the bonding workpiece plays the best bonding effect, the more powerful the machine burden is bigger, but also prone to some common problems, such as the point of glue machine overheating problems, followed by analyze and solve the problem of body fever.
Single station Longmen high speed dispensing machine
No matter which machine work fever is a normal thing, of course, if the temperature is too high that the internal heating problems, from the environmental perspective may be blocked by dust heat discharging device outlet affect the normal ventilation, regular cleaning of the role and importance of ash is self-evident, can use air gun with special cleaning for cleaning Longmen high speed dispensing machine cooling, dust in the work environment are generally the introduction of indoor ventilation ventilation, but is also very important, so only through regular cleaning to solve the problem of overheating high speed dispensing machine.
Longmen desktop high speed dispenser
When the working current of the dispenser is too large may burn the circuit, here you need to adjust the resistance effect, when the current is too large and there is no way to fully play the role of resistance, the current actual work values are not in a stable state, vulnerable to the influence of current serious heat resistance Shundaizhao effect to the body, so the work in addition to the current dispenser for stability also reduced the amount of use, high speed dispensing work under the resistance prone to excessive heat cause the nature of the change, and even make the whole machine short circuit damage.
Longmen type double station high speed dispenser
The work of mechanical arm high speed glue dispenser may be overheating phenomenon, this is because the lack of lubrication of the bearing rail mobile manipulator arm dispensing caused overheating, ensure the normal lubrication of slides of the high-speed dispensing arm more smoothly for dispensing work.

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