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What are the characteristics of thread dispenser

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Thread dispensing machine is also known as thread dispensing machine, screw fixed dispensing machine. This is a high-speed dispensing machine used to coat sealant on fasteners, such as threads and connection threads. This equipment is suitable for gluing. Thread dispensing machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, uniform amount of glue and good sealing effect. It is suitable for screw gluing of various specifications, and the glue can be evenly divided. The thread dispenser has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, uniform and stable gluing, high quantitative accuracy, long service life, simple operation, convenient operation and convenient replacement of clamping tools.
331 thread glue dispensing machine
The dispensing machine is a fully automatic coating equipment, which integrates precision dispensing, displacement and workpiece into a compact desktop system to realize the perfect integration of the three. It only needs to input dispensing technical parameters, such as dispensing distance, moving speed, rotating speed, etc., and the automatic dispensing of wire parts can be completed after installation. Therefore, the characteristics of thread dispensing machine are mainly intelligent, simple to use and easy to operate. Convenient and so on.
Product characteristics:
1. Thread dispenser is characterized by uniform glue accuracy and high quality pre-glue.
2. Reduce waste rate, reduce defective products and rework time and on-site guidance;
3. Prevent vibration from loosening and improve the reliability of screws and pneumatic components;
Thread Anaerobic Adhesive
4. Inhibiting corrosion of products in use;
5. The screw dispenser is characterized by setting the starting and ending points of glue at will.
6. Optional automatic return function;
7. Spraying gum is uniform and stable, small in size and easy to operate.
8. According to the need of production technology, the storage device of threaded dispensing machine can be configured separately as a large-capacity type without frequent replacement of rubber materials.
9. It has a convenient and friendly user interface.
Adhesive Curing Accelerator
10. Thread dispenser is characterized by timely adjustment to suit different kinds of products.

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