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How to Stick the Surface of Light Emitting Diode

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Light-emitting diode lamp bars are divided into soft lamp bars and hard lamp bars, both of which belong to the application of light-emitting diode bonding link. In the production process, it needs a dispensing machine to process. The surface of soft lamp bars is mainly used for dispensing and waterproofing, and the surface of hard lamp bars is mainly used for dispensing and fixing of high-speed dispensing machine.
Light emitting LED strip dispensing
Hard lamp bars are usually assembled with printed circuit board hardboards. Its advantages are easy to repair, process and install. The disadvantage is that the shape is single and cannot be misinterpreted at will. It is only applicable to conventional local applications.
FPC is usually used as the assembly circuit board of flexible lamp band, and light emitting diode is used for assembly. Its advantages are that it can bend, fold and surround freely, move freely in three-dimensional space, and has elasticity without breaking. The disadvantage is that it is too soft and has no certain hardness, and it is only suitable for irregular local and small space applications, so only a small amount of light emitting diode bonding should be done. Use.
Dual-station coating dispenser
Brief introduction of high speed light dispensing machine dispensing:
1. The glue used for LED bonding includes polyurethane, silica gel, epoxy resin, etc.
2. Firstly, each light emitting diode is mounted on the lamp bar.
3. It is necessary to combine the lights so that they can be arranged regularly.
4331 double Y-axis dispensing machine
4. Place the lamp on the table of dispenser smoothly.
5. Set the dispensing method, time and frequency (usually only once)
6. Aim the dispensing needle at the lamp bar and start the light emitting diode bonding
7. After dispensing, remove the lamp and place it in the drying box for 5 to 8 minutes. When the glue is fully solidified, all dispensing processes are completed and can be naturally solidified on a cold rubber rack.
Liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are widely used in various fields of modern industry. With the changing demands of industrial development, liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are also developing towards high precision control, diversification and specialization.

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