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What problems should we pay attention to in bottom filling?

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In the next section, we will continue to analyze and introduce common bottom filling problems and solutions.
SMT patch filler
In the packaging process of electronic products and light emitting diode semiconductor lighting products, another issue that needs to be paid attention to is the glue mark problem. The appearance of glue on packaging surface of consumer electronic products has greatly affected the aesthetics of packaging application products, and indirectly affected the late sales of packaging application products. Therefore, in the filling process, we must always observe the relative position of the bottom filling problem and see if there are any glue marks, so as to correctly judge whether there are glue marks in the relative position, and adjust the glue marks in time. Packaging position, glue point and direction to reduce the occurrence of bottom filling problems.
Non-standard coating dispenser
Automatic dispensing machine is generally anti-corrugation in the bottom filling process of electronic products, light emitting diode semiconductor lighting products and other application products, so the starting point of dispensing and the direction of glue flow are important factors affecting the bottom filling. Therefore, in the actual packaging process, it is necessary to observe the dispensing position of the bottom filling glue at any time, and adjust the dispensing operation to deviate from that position. Reduce the bottom filling problem again.

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