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LED packaging, which automatic dispensing machine has more a

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Automatic dispensing machine is a device that can focus on the dispensing of LED light. This machine has a very mature technology. For example, it is difficult to complete the dispensing of light-emitting diode lamps. The full-automatic dispensing machine produced in China can easily carry out dispensing. After years of scientific research and development and continuous technological improvement, the full-automatic dispensing machine is more suitable for dispensing of light-emitting diode lamps. It not only effectively completes the dispensing and packaging tasks of all kinds of white light-emitting diodes, but also solves the lag of the application of LED packaging technology. Using this equipment for product coating has a significant role in promoting the dispensing effect.
Glue application of LED light source
The basic principle of all automatic dispensing machines is to form a three-dimensional space for dispensing by combining the mechanical arm and z-axis. According to this method, the actual effect of light-emitting diode dispensing will be better. The placement of dispensing products on the y-axis is more conducive to the application of glue on the packaging position of white light-emitting diode lamp. The dispensing stability is good, and the dispensing effect will also have obvious advantages. At the same time, the production speed of products will be faster. The degree is also improved. The configuration of dispensing intelligent controller improves the actual effect of dispensing control of LED lamp. It is an intelligent dispensing device that can take into account a variety of dispensing technologies, with excellent performance indicators, and has a more significant control effect on the application of LED packaging technology.


Double position coating and dispensing machine

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