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What are the common defects of household dispenser

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As an automatic mechanical equipment, dispensing machine has played a certain role in the process of industrial development in China. The function of dispensing machine to enterprises is far-reaching, but there are still many deficiencies in our dispensing machine equipment. What are the specific aspects? The following technicians from dispensing mechanism manufacturer will make specific analysis for everyone!
Home standard 331 coating and dispensing machine
What are the common defects of household dispenser?
First of all, the internal cooling system of dispensing equipment is not very good, which is the defect of household dispensing machine.
Second, dispensing equipment often crashes.
Third, liquid crystal anti black, there will be disorder code;
Small platform automatic dispensing machine
4. After the dispenser equipment and machine run for a period of time, there will be position deviation;
5. The electrostatic treatment is not ideal, there will be a lot of static electricity when the dispensing machine equipment works;
Six, especially the three-axis dispensing machine equipment, the operation speed is relatively slow;
VII. The dispenser equipment will be in disorder under normal operation;
Hand held path parameter controller
VIII. The table is used with a small dispensing machine. After a period of time, the relay of the table will fail, resulting in leakage of the signal output.
9. The CF card program is not stable enough, and industrial computers are often burned;
X. the loading capacity of dispensing machine is relatively weak;
Xi. The connector of the drive board is relatively loose, which is easy to cause poor contact between the main board and the drive board.
These are the defects of household dispenser

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