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What are the precautions for hot melt injection valve?

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It uses pneumatic operation to inject glue.
Hot melt adhesive high temperature spray valve
The precautions and operation instructions of hot melt injection valve are briefly described.
What are the precautions for hot melt injection valve?
Due to incorrect parameter setting and improper operation of heating system, hot melt glue injection valve will bring safety risks. Therefore, please read the hot melt injection valve system manual carefully before installing and operating the hot melt injection valve.
1. In order to better use the hot melt injection valve, it is recommended that professionals or trained personnel deal with the installation, operation, maintenance and related problems of the injection valve.
2. before starting the spray valve system, ensure the dispensing accuracy of the product is the premise to ensure the correct installation of all parts.
Function introduction of hot melt glue valve
3. Pressure gas is required when the injection valve works. Before stopping or maintaining, make sure that the pressure gas is closed before performing the relevant operation.
4. The hot melt injection valve is mainly a heating device, which will be accompanied by high temperature heating during the injection process. Therefore, attention should be paid to safety during operation to prevent scalding.
5. Stop dispensing immediately when the valve body is abnormal during dispensing. Maintain daily cleaning work
Standard platform dispensing machine
6. The corresponding fluid corresponds to dispensing accuracy. Please continue to replace and maintain consumables such as spray valve and striker.

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