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How to maintain the vacuum filling machine correctly

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Vacuum glue filling machine is a kind of automatic glue filling equipment in vacuum environment. Compared with the ordinary automatic glue filling machine, the biggest difference of the vacuum glue filling machine is whether it can vacuumize and fill glue in the vacuum environment. More and more vacuum filling machines are used in the electronic industry. Vacuum glue filling machine is used for products with high insulation requirements. When filling glue, the product shall not have bubbles and other problems. It also has the function of dustproof and anti-oxidation. Common glue filling machine products are suitable for: capacitor and inductor glue filling, transformer coil glue filling, printed circuit board glue filling, etc.
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The following describes the maintenance method of vacuum filling machine.
1. Check the vacuum pump and vacuum pump oil of vacuum rubber filling machine regularly. If the oil level is lower than the oil level, add oil in time. It is best to use special oils or oils of similar quality from the same manufacturer.
2. The frequently moving parts of the rubber filling machine shall be coated with oil or butter to keep the lubrication smooth.
High viscosity coating glue filling machine
3. According to the maintenance of vacuum glue filling machine, when the vacuum glue filling machine stops, the storage barrel shall be kept in a vacuum state to avoid damaging the inner rubber. If it is not used for a long time, it is better to clean all rubber in the rubber filling machine barrel.
4. Open the cleaning valve and press the cleaning button to clean the mixing part of the gun head each time the filling of the vacuum filling machine is suspended. In order to prevent the rubber reaction and block the gun head, this will affect the next use.
The above four points are that the maintenance of the vacuum filling machine is not a big problem for the long-term stable operation of the vacuum filling machine, and the service life will be longer.

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