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Is there any relationship between the non drying of glue and

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The automatic glue filling machine is widely used in all aspects of industrial production. Compared with the dispensing machine, the advantages of the filling machine is that it can distribute a large number of glue, which is very helpful for a large number of products, and has better sealing performance than the dispensing machine. However, when using the automatic glue filling machine, what is the reason why the product glue filled by the user does not dry? Is it related to automatic glue filling machine?
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There are three main reasons why the glue is not used after filling the product with the automatic gluing machine:
First of all, the proportion of glue is not correct, and the equipment fails, resulting in a large proportion error of AB glue.
Second, the curing method adopted is not correct, and reasonable curing conditions should be adopted in combination with the characteristics of the glue.
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Third, the glue has expired.
In addition to the problems caused by the glue filling equipment itself, the reasons why the product glue does not dry can generally be analyzed and found from the above three aspects.
In recent years, the labor cost is more and more high. The Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the delta are developed industrial areas, and it is increasingly difficult to recruit workers. The cost of business is rising and the profit is getting lower. The manual filling efficiency is low and the precision control is not good. In many cases, it is difficult to meet customer requirements. The automatic dispensing machine just made up for the shortage of manual dispensing.
With the continuous introduction of dispensing machine and automatic filling machine, enterprises can earn money from the cost of the machine within a few months. In addition, the machine has high filling efficiency, high quality consistency, 24-hour continuous operation and low training cost. At present, more and more enterprises choose automatic filling machine instead of manual filling operation. However, the reason why the glue does not dry has little to do with the glue filling equipment, but has to do with the proportion of glue and glue.

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