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How to solve the non reset of automatic dispensing machine

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As we all know, the motor is small and exquisite, stable in operation and low in price. It is a kind of machine that can restore the automatic dispensing machine to the set state after starting up. It is widely used in industrial control industry. Of course, that doesn't mean it's stable. Generally speaking, when the dispenser is turned on, the dispenser does not reset, which indicates that the motor has failed. The company will give you the most detailed answer to solve the problem of dispensing machine does not reset.
Table 331 automatic dispensing machine
First, check the emergency stop button of automatic dispenser to see if it is pressed. There may be a problem with the wiring of the second automatic dispensing machine. At this time, open the chassis and check whether the hardware connection of the automatic dispensing machine is correct and whether the driver is powered on. After confirmation, check whether the firmware or configuration file of the automatic dispensing machine is correct. This may be because the automatic dispenser firmware upgrade is not successful or the configuration file update is not successful. Then you need to upgrade the firmware again.
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The above is a summary of the company's automatic dispensing machine does not reset the phenomenon of solutions, I hope to help you.

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