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What are the classification of glue filling machines

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With the expansion of the application scope of the glue filling machine, the manufacturer has manufactured different performance glue filling machines according to the different requirements of customers. So in order to better let you know the classification of glue filling machine, the company will introduce the classification of glue filling machine to you.
The glue filling machine is divided into three categories: semi-automatic glue filling machine, automatic glue filling machine and full-automatic glue filling machine.
Floor type automatic glue filling machine
Semi automatic filling machine: also known as three-axis platform movement, no manipulator, equipped with foot switch, products one by one filling, one by one take away. Typically, it works with assembly lines, and the filled product needs to be moved manually to the next assembly line process.
Compared with semi-automatic, automatic glue filling machine has one more manipulator and three-dimensional path. For the use of automatic glue filling machine, it is required to place the articles on the platform neatly with plywood. No manual operation is needed, which saves time and improves work efficiency. However, due to the limitation of z-axis height, it is not suitable for large volume products, which should be considered as a fatal defect. For products with large volume, semi-automatic glue filling machine is generally selected.
Desktop led glue filling machine
Full automatic gluing machine
Fully automatic dispenser: when it comes to fully automatic dispenser, the price is very expensive. Of course, if you need a very efficient company, its function is very powerful. For example, it can automatically complete the loading and unloading work. As for automatic glue filling, it is necessary. In terms of efficiency, it far exceeds the automatic and semi-automatic glue filling machine. It can save many employees at the same time. However, due to the complexity of the work, the price is prohibitive for many people.

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