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How to choose a good glue filling machine

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Glue filling machine, also known as AB double liquid glue filling machine, specially controls liquid. It is mainly used for gluing, pouring, coating, sealing and filling glue, oil and other liquids. The automatic glue pouring machine can realize the irregular patterns of point, line, arc and circle.
Large glue filling machine
How to choose a high-quality glue filling machine is a problem for most manufacturers. Good equipment can improve work efficiency better. Today our company will tell you how to choose a glue filling machine.
To purchase a glue filling machine, you should first master the following four points:
1. Glue: single group glue filling machine is used for ordinary glue, double fluid glue filling machine is used for AB glue, PU glue filling machine is used for PU glue, and special syringe is used for UV glue filling.
Parameter control glue filling machine
2. Glue filling technology: semi-automatic glue filling machine (such as foot pedal control) is used for ordinary glue filling, table top, three-axis, circle chart and other automatic glue filling machines are used for precise positioning and marking. The automatic function of dispensing machine is actually an auxiliary function. Dispensing machine plays a more important role in controlling glue. Other functions can be realized through the automatic manipulator.
3. Work efficiency and environment: few products, no pursuit of efficiency, use manual glue gun; work outdoors, use glue gun. To control the glue output accurately, use the machine. For automatic dispensing, use a machine with automatic dispensing.
Large flow glue filling and bonding black glue
4. Cost: there are various glue filling schemes. Not all dispensers need to be used, and not all automatic dispensing must be connected to the dispenser. Considering the cost, if a glue needs a machine with too high price, you can consider changing the glue. If the price of the automatic dispensing machine is too high, you can consider moving the product instead of dispensing the head

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