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What is the purpose of multi axis automatic dispensing machi

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What is the purpose of multi axis automatic dispensing machine? The commonly used automatic dispensing machine is divided into two axis, three axis, four axis and five axis. Among them, the three-axis series dispenser is the most commonly used. The general three-axis dispenser divided into x, y and Z axes can meet the production needs. The four-axis dispenser is to add a rotating shaft, so many problems that cannot be solved by the three-axis dispenser can be solved by the four-axis dispenser.
331 filling dispensing machine
In fact, as far as several shafts are concerned, the automatic dispensing machine can only be called a mechanical arm instead of a dispensing machine. The three-axis dispensing machine can only carry out standard x, y and Z movements. If the dispensing position of the product is on the side, the dispensing head may need to be tilted for dispensing, then the R-axis of the four-axis dispensing machine needs to work. If the product needs to be distributed on both sides, it needs to be turned over, and it needs a 5-axis mechanical arm, also known as an industrial robot. The above is a multi axis dispensing machine.
331 station filling and dispensing machine
Compared with the three-axis dispenser, the four-axis dispenser has drawing points, lines, polylines, three-dimensional arcs, space arcs, circles, ellipses, runways, pitch shapes, spirals, coatings, automatic fillets, irregular three-dimensional splines and other graphic elements, fully realizing 360 degree rotation dispenser, so it has been widely used in this field, and has been well received by the market.
Double station dispensing machine
The above is the difference of automatic dispensing machine.

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