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What is the function of diaphragm in diaphragm dispensing va

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The diaphragm dispensing machine is suitable for anaerobic glue and screw glue, which can realize the precise operation of points and lines whose accuracy exceeds the level of micro rise. The diaphragm at the bottom of diaphragm dispensing valve plays a sealing role, prevents glue leakage, ensures dispensing quality and stability, and can separate flowing liquid from built-in components. Most rubber valves have built-in protective film for sealing and reinforcement, so the quality of diaphragm is relative to glue. Valve quality plays an important role.
Built in rubber diaphragm
The diaphragm dispensing valve used for anaerobic glue and screw glue control is mainly embodied in the built-in diaphragm, which can separate the parts contacting with the fluid. It is suitable for chemicals, anaerobic glue, quick drying glue, low viscosity fluid, etc. the commonly used diaphragm is made of elastic, corrosion-resistant and impermeable materials, silicone plastic sheet, and some advanced diaphragm dispensing valves are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or ceramic. Manufactured.
Anaerobic glue coating dispensing valve
Three types of diaphragm dispensing valve
First, it is a disposable material channel diaphragm valve, because the whole liquid wetted area can be easily replaced in a few seconds, and the rubber valve is always kept on the production line, so it can point to difficult to handle fluids, such as quick drying rubber and premixed two-component epoxy resin, without frequent cleaning.
Built in diaphragm plunger valve
The second is made of corrosion-resistant Teflon materials to prevent moisture and ultraviolet rays from entering into the liquid to be applied. Black polyethylene is used to precisely meet the characteristics of these adhesives, such as quick drying adhesive and UV curing adhesive.
Third, the non leakage valve design is adopted to provide excellent moisture-proof performance. At the same time, the diaphragm establishes an isolation barrier between the fluid composition and the cylinder. The internal spring return position enables the valve to match well with the control area. The short stroke design of the valve core makes the valve switch respond very quickly.

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