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What are the advantages of UV glue for automatic dispensing

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Advantages of using UV glue
1. UV glue can only be cured by UV irradiation. Compared with traditional glue, UV glue has better stability without UV irradiation. When it is used in dispensing with automatic dispensing machine, it has better control over the process requirements of the product, which is one of the advantages of UV glue.
Black UV filler
2. Compared with other traditional glues, the curing speed of UV glue is easier to control. The curing time can be controlled by adjusting the UV energy according to the process requirements of the product. When all automatic dispensing machines are allocated, this is very beneficial for high-speed assembly line operation.
Amber UV plastic syringe
3. UV glue has good volatility. Compared with the traditional glue, it greatly reduces the volatilization during the glue curing process. It can be said that almost 100% of the colloid is converted into solid, and when the glue dispenser is used for assembly line operation, the amount of glue can be better controlled.
4. The unique energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of UV glue promote its wide application in more bonding fields, which is also the advantage of using UV glue.
Filling Uvglue dispenser
5. UV adhesive has good insulation, solvent resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be used in different environment and has strong controllability.

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