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What should be paid attention to before starting the automat

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The following is to introduce the precautions for starting the automatic dispensing machine. First, select a fixed glue needle tube according to the product specification, install the needle on the rubber tube, adjust the distance between the needle of dispensing equipment and the product, then exhaust the air from the needle, and judge whether the glue quantity of each product is within the range. Each type of dispenser has its advantages. According to the start-up precautions of the automatic dispensing machine, the preparation and treatment process of all automatic dispensing machines at the initial dispensing stage mainly includes the confirmation of glue delivery, glue valve test, bubble removal, glue pilot and other basic items. The preparation in the early stage of dispensing plays an important auxiliary role in the formal packaging in the later stage.
Hot melt automatic dispensing machine
After the completion of dispensing valve test, the next step is to pay attention to whether there will always be bubbles in the gel when the glue is delivered to the dispensing machine and filling machine. For the bubbles that have been generated, the bubbles are pressurized in the cylinder, and the cylinder generates bubbles to eliminate the bubbles. If the glue does not flow normally after pressurization, according to the precautions for starting the automatic dispensing machine, it is likely that the glue valve is blocked internally and needs to be cleaned.
331 precision dispensing machine
The main process of preparing the dispenser and the dispenser for packaging operation is to compare the filling amount and viscosity with the preset amount after the glue is injected into the cartridge. The dispensing valve can only be tested after the correctness is guaranteed. The test of dispensing valve is mainly to test the integrity of dispensing valve. Dispensing valve is a part which controls a series of variables such as fluid size. The quality of dispensing valve has a particularly significant impact on dispensing quality.
The above is the precautions for starting the automatic dispensing machine

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