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What are the factors that affect the price of automatic disp

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Since the automation equipment came into the production field, the high-speed dispenser has become more and more popular among enterprises. Instead of manual production, a machine is equivalent to three or four workers' workload. In addition, the operation of the high-speed dispenser is simple, which greatly improves the overall production level of the enterprise. In many types of high-speed dispenser, what are the factors affecting the machine price?
221 station dispensing machine
First, demand for machinery and equipment
Nowadays, the high-speed dispenser is widely used. All walks of life need dispensing technology. One or more dispensers, especially some large enterprises and factories, are basically equipped with accessories. In order to improve production efficiency, they can choose fully automatic production mode. If the dispenser purchased by customers can dispensing different types of products, one machine can be used in many fields For gluing, and dispensing accuracy is very high, many manufacturers will have demand, the price is particularly high, in fact, the application field is different, the machine price also has a relatively large gap, welcome to consult!
High speed dispensing machine
Second, accessories used by the machine
The main board, transformer, regulator, controller and dispensing valve of the high-speed dispensing machine are important parts. If all materials are imported from abroad, the price of the dispensing machine must be relatively expensive. In fact, China's automation skills are gradually improving, its products are constantly updated, and the precision of the manufactured accessories has reached the level of foreign countries, if there is no special requirements. It is suggested to select domestic parts with preferential price and guaranteed quality. Chinese system not only imports foreign materials, but also has independently developed dispensing parts. According to your dispensing requirements, we can customize a set of machines for your products to meet the production needs of your industry.
221 dispensing device
Third, after sales service
General manufacturers generally provide one-year warranty service, and manufacturers provide free consultation telephone number and perfect after-sales service. For example, we provide high-quality after-sales service and 24-hour national free consulting hotline to provide customers with the most reliable and efficient after-sales service. "Chinese, Chinese, call me! 13928403389 "adheres to the service principle of" response within 12 hours, door-to-door within 24 hours ", so as to solve customers' worries.

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