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What are the biggest characteristics of screw dispensing val

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In the dispensing field, the indispensable accessory is the dispensing valve. In the high-end valve, only screw valve, screw valve and jet valve are the most commonly used types. In fact, if you don't understand clearly, it is easy to confuse screw valve and screw valve. There is a big difference between them!
Plunger dispensing control valve
The core device of screw valve is screw, motor and controller. Its working principle is to use motor and screw to form a sealing space, and screw has two layers, which can push internal piston to extrude glue. The glue amount is controlled according to the rotation speed and strength of motor, so the glue amount is controlled. The glue valve controls the rotation of motor to control the glue amount, and the glue amount is controlled according to this requirement, but it needs to be done The effect of multiple tests.
Screw precision dispensing valve
The screw rubber valve is a simple type of piezoelectric dispensing valve. It uses the screw device to combine with the dispensing needle cylinder. The shape of the screw is usually T-shaped thread. The inner wall of the cylindrical sleeve is also smooth and cylindrical. The feeding port is the side of the dispensing needle cylinder. The bottom of the dispensing needle cylinder directly exports the glue. The structure is small. It uses the screw rod to control the glue output. The dispensing needle cylinder is used to output the glue. There will be a small rubber cylinder at the bottom, just It is used for conveying glue. The function of the screw rod dispensing valve is low, and the glue output can only be controlled by the controller. The accuracy is also very high.
Standard screw dispenser

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