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What are the advantages of the equipment installed with the

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Vision system and gradually replace the current constant control system and full-time system. At present, the basic high-end dispensing machine adopts vision system as the core control device. Only the traditional standard dispensing equipment can use full-time or constant control system. As long as the program is set correctly, the vision control system can achieve the function of the equipment, especially easy to set the glue parameters, simple dispensing and speed Fast, good control, not easy to appear glue problem, which is the advantage of system recognition function
CCD vision camera positioning
The full-automatic dispensing machine installed with high-precision panoramic vision positioning system has a completely different level from the ordinary type of equipment. The system completely solves the problem of improper placement of products, which leads to glue coating defects. Because the automatic recognition function of the vision dispensing machine identifies the problem that the products need glue dispensing, and it completely needs to control the precision. The dispensing speed is as high as 2. 00 mm / s, repetitive positioning accuracy as high as 0.05 mm, the current visual dispensing machine with the visual system recognition function to complete the current standard automatic dispensing machine.
Desktop visual dispensing machine
What are the advantages of installing visual control system in dispensing machine?
1. The use of visual system can save labor cost, and one person can fully monitor the whole automatic equipment.
2. The operation is very simple, there is no need to make jigs, and there is no requirement for placement.
3. Control the accuracy of error range, and the error of each product can basically reach 0.01%
4. Install the sensor height measuring device, each dispensing height is always.
5. It can realize vacuum dispensing, reduce glue pollution and improve glue quality.
6. The vision control system is programmed by computer. The vision system has the function of camera and image transmission, without mold. Easy to operate.
7. The dispensing quality is stable and the dispensing accuracy is higher, which can meet the requirements of production.
Cabinet vision automatic dispensing machine

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