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What can be seen from the current development trend of high-

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At present, in terms of operating efficiency and energy saving, the application of high-speed dispenser is inseparable from the composition, so pay attention to the development trend of high-speed dispenser.
Tabletop type 331 dispensing machine
Field related personnel said that in the industrial production process, according to the temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters, the vast majority of dispensing machines are used to control the movement and flow of water, oil, chemical liquid and other fluids. And the new plant selected the control dispenser has low pressure dispenser, pneumatic positioning dispenser, electric dispenser unified temperature system, proportional control dispenser unified temperature system, temperature control dispenser and so on. When considering a variety of high-speed dispensers, from the development trend of high-speed dispensers, pay attention to the impact of disposal type, specified accuracy, control dispensing reliability, pressure drop, flow and its composition, failure rate, product reputation, after-sales service, etc., so as to achieve the meaning of high cost performance.
As far as the product itself is concerned, it is a kind of high-speed dispensing machine with cost-effectiveness, because it is easy to assemble, with low failure rate, and has the advantages of field enthusiasm in the development trend of high-speed dispensing machine. Because of the use of traditional pneumatic dispenser, it needs to be equipped with pipeline, induction furnace and compressor. The high-speed dispenser is controlled by motor, which is easy to install and operate. The original automatic control line of the joint venture factory can be installed for the high-speed dispenser, and the automatic control line can be used to reduce other costs. In addition, the opening and closing of the motor drive method is smooth, and there is no excessive force defect, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment.
331 filling and dispensing machine
Many people think that the price of high-speed dispenser is not cheap, and the use cost increases. However, it's not that if we calculate the integrity, the traditional dispenser needs to add many accessories and pipes for installation, but the price has not accounted for the corresponding advantages. Instead, we have to bear a lot of maintenance costs. While paying attention to the price, we also need to ensure the reliability of the equipment in place. For the manufacturers, we need to have a long-term vision area, which is a trend of the development of high-speed dispenser Viewpoint.

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