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What is the harm to the human body aluminum paste

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Glue production requires the use of many compounds, these compounds to the human body there are some hazards, if serious will affect people's life safety, so the use of silver paste in the operation of high speed dispensing, need to protect their own safety, not because of carelessness let yourself in danger, this is not only the enterprise losses, also caused damage to itself, this is not a good result for everyone.
Multi head silver paste high speed dispenser
Silver high speed dispensing machine can use aluminum paste dispensing, the glue with heavy metal material, on the human body damage caused by the larger, trace elements in the body than aluminum, everyone should not take more than 1 milligrams per kilogram, over intake of aluminum will be more of the acute poisoning of human being, will be left in the body, if can the intake from the body, but the daily intake of too long will cause brain damage, leading to dementia, so we need to pay special attention to the use of aluminum paste.
Single position high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine using aluminum paste only to note basic does not have what happens, as long as every day after work to go home to drink a bottle of milk, can reduce the damage of heavy metals on the human body, is also good for human body, go to the hospital to check the body once every month, check whether the body heavy metal exceed the standard, this is all about their own safety, so we must pay special attention to.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
In addition to the use of aluminum paste dispensing should pay attention to, need to pay attention to the use of other glue is, when in fact can produce high-speed dispensing machine equipped with some safety equipment, which can reduce the security problems of the dispensing process appears, life safety is not a trifling matter, something else are responsible, and the injured operator not only lose money, but also allow enterprises to the loss of a loss of skilled workers in high speed dispensing machine.

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