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Do you know that dispensing machine has three structures?

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Why can the automatic dispensing machine complete the high-precision and fast automatic dispensing? It is closely related to its internal structure. It is composed of three parts: the executive mechanism, the driving mechanism and the control system. Under the operation condition, the internal division of labor is very clear, and the three parts are coordinated! Next, how are the three parts of the composition structure of the dispensing machine closely cooperated and operated?
Uvglue automatic dispensing machine
1. The first part of automatic dispensing machine: actuator
The actuator is mainly responsible for the dispensing operation. The execution structure consists of two parts: the mechanical arm and the trunk. The mechanical arm runs in a straight line in the operation link. In order to match the operation of the mechanical arm, it must be suitable for the configuration of the dispensing machine structure, usually using the linear hydraulic cylinder, swing hydraulic cylinder, electro-hydraulic pulse motor, servo hydraulic motor, AC servo motor, DC servo motor and stepping motor and other actuators.
Automatic tabletop dispenser
2. The second part of automatic dispensing machine: driving mechanism
The driving mechanism is mainly divided into four types, mainly including: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electrical drive and mechanical drive. But most dispensing machines are driven by electric and pneumatic, because the two driving systems of dispensing equipment can save glue scientifically and reasonably, promote the reasonable arrangement of glue cost, and reduce many dispensing costs.
3. The third part of automatic dispensing machine: control system
The control system mainly includes motion control card, offline conversion board, hand-held teaching box, serial port line, interface line, softdog, offline liquid product, offline keyboard, dial code switch dispensing program, etc., which is also to ensure the dispensing operation is fast, convenient and fast. The dispensing machine is composed of such a control system to facilitate the downloading of documents and the quick and convenient data Convenient management, for everyone's dispensing operation to ensure more convenient!
Dispensing machine automation platform
In general, the above is about the introduction of the dispensing machine structure. It is precisely because of the overall coordination of the three systems of the automatic dispensing machine that the dispensing operation is faster and more convenient

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