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What is the specific performance of visual dispensing functi

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In recent years, the rapid progress of automatic machinery and the rise of intelligent dispensing machine technology have lasted for a long time. However, in these years, many kinds of collocations of dispensing machine manufacturers in the industry of automatic dispensing machine continue to be updated, and the functions of dispensing machine continue to be improved and improved. CCD visual dispensing equipment is one of the famous works of automatic dispensing machine updating, and it is also the function of visual dispensing function Embodiment.
Desktop vision device
What are the functions of this dispensing technology to obtain a sound visual dispensing equipment?
In a word, the big difference between the visual dispensing machine and the general dispensing machine is the CCD vision system. The integrity of the visual dispensing function can establish a more intelligent automatic positioning function for identifying products, and the function of precise and precise dispensing, which is very suitable for dispensing precision products.
Floor type visual control dispenser
1. CCD intelligent identification and automatic positioning function
CCD vision system is a high-tech product used for industrial detection and recognition. It can capture the high-definition image of the product and transmit the image data to the dispensing machine system separately. This function can be used in the dispensing machine equipment, which can reasonably replace the process or fixture of manual proofreading. CCD intelligent recognition of product position and dispensing range can gradually improve the quality efficiency with high-quality visual dispensing function, Real sense of intelligent visual dispensing production.
CCD positioning camera
2. Higher visual dispensing accuracy
At present, most of the dispensing machines on the market need fixture to position the products. If there is deviation in the production of fixture, there will also be deviation interference to the dispensing effect. The precision of visual dispensing equipment can reach 98% or above.
With intelligent positioning and high-precision visual dispensing function, compared with conventional dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine equipment is more intelligent, which is also one of the reasons why visual dispensing machine is still popular due to its high price.

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