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From which aspects can we see the advantages of the function

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Through the investigation of dispensing machine field and different companies that need dispensing, the report is confirmed that dispensing equipment is widely used in various fields, increasing efforts to continuously research, develop and manufacture in dispensing field, and making continuous progress. This time, the function of visual dispensing machine and other relevant elements are specifically explained.
Standard visual dispensing equipment
The dispensing machine is not only more accurate than the glue quantity, but also free of wrong dropping and leakage. Visual dispensing machine in clothing, hardware, signs, technology, these areas to drive efficient value creation. A single equipment can replace several manpower, which is convenient, fast, time-saving, labor-saving. In a real sense, it can establish program automation for the company, reduce, manpower, material resources, and improve production capacity and efficiency.
1. With camera positioning system, it is placed in order during the production and manufacturing process.
2. It can produce spraying of various colors and can be adjusted at will.
3. The walking track of the equipment can be adjusted at will, without leakage, without emphasis.
4. The equipment is bilingual in Chinese and English. The software is easy to operate and easy to learn.
Large floor type visual dispensing machine
5. The function of the visual dispenser depends on the selection of imported materials to ensure high efficiency and precision.
6. Multiple programs can be implemented for the running speed and glue output of the product. The device has the functions of graphics teaching setting and DXF file introduction.
7. The visual dispensing machine speeds up the production efficiency and reduces human resources in a large range. A single equipment can replace many workers.
8. Don't worry about the power saving of fast electricity, the production of 220V household appliances can be carried out in 24 hours.
9. The double station mode is selected for the operation platform. One material tray is placed on the left, right and each. When the left glue dropping head is working, the camera on the right side will take photos and present the machine. The left, right and rotation photo presenter will keep the machine working.
Special location detection camera
Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to have a general understanding of the function of the visual dispenser. If consumers need this device, they can call the China manufacturing hotline: 13928403389

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