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How much do you know about dispensing packaging principle? T

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The principle of visual dispensing machine is simpler than that of manual packaging equipment. It is to push the glue into the rubber bottle (injection needle) according to the compressed air, and press the glue into the feed pipe connected with the piston chamber. When the piston is on the up stroke, the piston chamber is filled with glue, and when the piston pushes the glue dropping needle downward, the glue is extruded from the needle nozzle. The amount of glue dripped is interfered by the distance between piston undershoot, and it can be adjusted manually or in software.
IC chip package
According to the principle of dispensing package, the first step is to send compressed air into injection needle or rubber bottle. Not only to ensure that the injection needle or bottle is clean and free of pollution;
Then it is how to press the rubber into the feed pipe connected with the piston chamber. In the process of compression, the scope of compression, the specification of compression style, and the regulations for the appearance all interfere with the quality of compression adhesive at any time. Strictly implement the relevant variable values to ensure the dispensing quality.
In the process of pressing glue, glue is pressed into the pipe, and it stays in the pipe for a short time to flow out from the needle according to the dispensing regulations. When the piston is on the up stroke, the piston chamber will be filled with the glue added in advance. When the piston pushes the dispensing needle downward, the glue will be squeezed out from the needle mouth. Only when the user has a corresponding understanding of the dispensing packaging principle can he Use.
The visual dispenser adopts advanced image visual detection technology and carries out various parameter settings according to the dispenser to realize the dispensing function of the dispenser. The system is equipped with a high-speed industrial camera, which collects product images and transmits the image data to the image processing system. The image processing system carries out preprocessing, coordinate calculation, relevant dimension measurement, etc. for each image, and transmits the information to the dispensing system, so as to realize the dispensing guidance function to fit the production line.
CCD positioning camera
The visual dispensing machine can be used for fluid dispensing, which is far more automatic than the manual dispensing machine, and the quality level of products will be higher from the function of dispensing. Automatic operation is simple and stable. The application field of dispensing machine is constantly expanding, and the dispensing packaging principle and production process are constantly innovating.

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