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How much do you know about dispensing accessories as a part

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Accessories are the components of dispensing machine that can cause operation, and most of the users have certain knowledge restrictions on the purchase of dispensing accessories. This small edition of medium-sized system leads you to take the relevant knowledge of purchase as a popularization.
Thimble type dispensing valve
1. Go to the shop where you buy the dispenser. This is a good one to master. Usually, stores selling automatic dispensers will have related accessories, so it is more recommended to purchase dispensing accessories from such manufacturers
2. Find another one
Pay attention to finding another buyer to master the basic parameters of the original accessories as much as possible, which type of connector, and the adaptation environment, just as different mobile phones have different accessories, so we need to find out the same matching. One thing to note is that when buying accessories, you can't just send out one specification to ask the shopkeeper if they have one. It's also possible for each shop to call different specifications for the same product so as to distinguish. Try to send pictures to the store, and try to give the store with basic parameter joints to facilitate the purchase of dispensing accessories better, without having to describe the role to be maintained in detail.
Filling plastic steel needle
3. cost
In order to save money, many customers only buy a small part of dispensing parts when they purchase them. They are not very familiar with the parts. They can't use them when they buy them back. It's inconvenient to return and exchange the goods. They also delay the construction period, and they can't save the cost. Therefore, when it's not very clear, a complete set of parts should be purchased as much as possible. You can't just buy a small part and come back to the store to change it. You can ask the store many problems, including the internal wiring diagram. Most of the company's internal drawings of parts are not allowed to be sent out. Encountering itself again is unknown, which is inconvenient for itself and the store owner.
Standard Japanese dispensing syringe
4. After sales of accessories
Many spare parts are not returned, replaced or repaired after use or disassembly. Therefore, it is necessary to consult clearly in advance and then purchase dispensing spare parts, especially when the spare parts of different homes are combined together, and occasionally the circuit of the equipment needs to be modified. In this case, it is necessary to remember that the repair and modification of the equipment itself should not be guaranteed. Try not to try if the operation ability is weak.

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