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Poor dispensing quality found? May be disturbed by the weath

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The change of climate has a little change of working temperature and environmental humidity. In the rainy season, the relative humidity of air is relatively high. Once the problem of climate affecting glue is not considered, it is likely to cause incomplete drying and fixation of glue, large residual viscosity, serious situation and even wire drawing problem, especially for glue with high moisture absorption , which is more likely to be similar.
Glue dispensing
At the same time, the wet and cold air will cause the condensation problem of the channel flowing through the glue. Therefore, the water will be brought into the container where the glue is stored. Due to the change of time and climate, the glue will be more obvious. The glue will gradually appear chaotic and white from transparent, even without the effect of bonding. In recent days, the vast majority of the country is located in the humid hot and high temperature climate, which makes the storage of glue very inconvenient. Once the glue is put on the same day, after a night, the gel will start to whiten away and cause gel.
Repair adhesive
However, in contrast, in the wet, cold and dry winter, the glue will appear thick and the fluidity will be affected. When the dispenser is running quickly
In other words, considering the temperature and humidity of dispensing machine and glue working environment, it is an indispensable basic factor for the highest production efficiency of dispensing machine.
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Some glues need to put some solutions, which can be dried and fixed with the help of chemical changes or physical effects. This kind of solution will appear slowly in the glue management link, so there are some storage periods, which are related to storage conditions, such as environmental humidity, temperature, air circulation, etc., and it is finally a kind of performance of climate affecting glues. In order to ensure that the properties of the adhesive will hardly change within the required time, it is very important to strictly consider the way of management. For different types of glue, the management conditions are different due to their different characteristics.

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