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Do you know the difference between dispensing machine and fi

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How to distinguish dispensing machine and filling machine:
In short, dispensing machine can also be called glue filling machine. There are some differences in the terms of different areas. Some areas are also called glue loading machine, gluing machine is still glue dropping machine, etc. the differences of dispenser glue filling machine are different from the application field and characteristics, and they are the same from the aspects of their work in the first place and implementation, but they are still different from the details:
331 station platform dispensing machine
I. dispensing machine
1. Relatively small glue output
2. It is generally applicable to single component glue (UV, PU, red glue, etc.)
3. It is usually decided to extrude glue by air pressure
4. It is mainly used for product point, coating, circle drawing, arc track, etc
5. It is generally applicable to glue application of mobile phone screen, electric blank screen, medical treatment, led, PCB and other products
6. In terms of cost, we can know the difference between dispensers and dispensers. The cost of dispensing will be lower than that of dispensing
7. Single component glue is applicable, with high functional difference
8. It is generally table top type with small equipment specification
9. The application field is more common than glue filling, which is the reason why the difference of glue dispenser and glue filling machine interferes with the purchase
Automatic dispensing machine
II. Glue filling machine
1. Generally, the glue output is large.
2. Suitable for two-component glue (AB glue, epoxy resin, etc.).
3. According to the condition of glue filling material, it is determined that the differential pump body will pour the two kinds of glue into the product after quantity, preparation and mixing.
4. It is suitable for sealing and glue filling of products, and the moisture-proof glue filling is mostly fixed-point.
5. Coil, LED power supply, moisture-proof power supply, driving power supply, capacitor, electronics, transformer and other common products are sealed, moisture-proof and moisture-proof potting.
6. In view of its relatively complicated structure, the difference between dispensers and dispensers depends on the high price of the equipment.
7. Select two-component glue, and the functional difference makes the service life of the glue dispenser longer than that of the dispensing machine.
8. One of the differences between dispensers and dispensers is the type of body, which is generally floor type and relatively large.
9. The selection of two-component glue is less than that of single component glue, so the selection range is not so wide.
Led platform glue filling machine

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