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The dispensing of high speed dispenser on optical fiber line

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High speed dispensing machine is a computer program to realize the automatic control of automatic dispensing, loading and unloading work machine, with the continuous progress of science and technology in China, high-speed dispensing more and more into the industrial production line, small investment and high returns, than the traditional manual glue for faster and more efficient widely used, more and more production work. Some of the communications industry production needs to use high-speed fiber dispenser, in the process of fiber dispensing, intermittent and not smooth and other issues, which is composed of multiple factors.
Single position high speed dispenser
Dispensing glue viscosity is determined according to its own nature, of course, can also be controlled by artificial control of the viscosity of the glue, glue if the viscosity is too high, easy outflow part is fixed to the dispensing valve when the dispensing needle, when high-speed dispensing arm start pulling back will be influenced by this part of the glue, causing mechanical arm pull back it is difficult to pull back off, insufficient cause, glue viscosity can not be too high and the optical fiber line dispensing needs, so need to be heated through a heating device so that the glue viscosity decreases, can make the mechanical arm high speed dispensing machine to better perform pulled back, to ensure the continuity of dispensing work.
Single station multi axis high speed dispenser
Working voltage instability may also affect the normal operation of the dispensing, voltage stability can ensure the efficiency of dispensing work, to ensure that the working voltage can not be too high, not too low. If the voltage is too low will cause harm to the dispensing equipment, circulating current in the work will affect the hardware loss caused by dispensing work is not stable, if the voltage is too large is excessive consumption, some large dispensing machine special regulator can be used to adjust the working voltage, these measures can solve the problem of intermittent fiber dispensing.

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