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How many kinds of glue filling methods are common?

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There are many glue filling methods. Usually, there are two-component glue filling methods (two-component epoxy resin, two-component polyurethane, two-component silicone rubber and other two-liquid resin materials)
Floor type automatic glue filling equipment
1. Manual operation glue filling: that is, the technician stirs the glue and immediately puts it into the transformer (if it is required to be vacuumized) process: weigh the glue preparation - mix the glue - vacuumize - fill the product
Advantages: fast use in short time and low price
Disadvantages: the glue should be used up within the available time. The amount of resin poured into the product is less and the integrity is not good. Occasionally, the glue will not be stirred evenly and the glue will be consumed
2. Semi automatic dispensing machine: technician stirs the glue, and uses the glue flow specified by the equipment: call for the preparation of epoxy resin and curing agent - technician stirs - vacuumizes - glue flow specified by the equipment
Advantage: the glue pouring method can get the same amount of product glue
Disadvantages: the glue should be used within the available date. Every time it is used, it must be cleaned to deepen the labor volume, and there are many consumable materials
Semi automatic filling system
3. Automatic double liquid filling machine
The equipment draws materials by itself and vacuumizes by itself, so as to ensure that the single component glue is free of gas. The glue pouring method is to prepare the specified glue, mix it by itself, and make the glue flow well
Self pumping: ab rubber self pumping and self vacuumizing;
Liquid level alarm: automatic prompt function of upper liquid level and lower liquid level
Cleaning function: self cleaning
Mixing function: dynamic mixing
Control area: 1:1-10:1 random control
Application fields: two-component epoxy resin, two-component polyurethane, two-component silicone rubber and other two-liquid resin materials
Advantages: the glue filling method is easy to use - the technician only needs to take the product and place the product, with good integrity, smooth surface and low consumption
Disadvantages: high price in a short period of time, products with large output and high regulations are usually available
Multi head glue filling equipment

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