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Do you know the difference between paint and coating?

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The application of the automatic dispensing machine involves all aspects. It is applicable to the spot application of glue and also supports the control application of paint materials. This time, the difference between paint and paint will be explained, which can help users to better control the dispensing effect to a certain extent.
Filler coating
Coating is a kind of raw material, which can be soaked in the outer layer of the workpiece with various construction technologies to produce a solid film with strong adhesion, corresponding strength and continuity. The film thus produced is called film, also known as paint film or coating. Difference between paint and paint:
Coating: material applied to the outer layer of the workpiece to make it look good or prevent corrosion. Such as: paint, coal tar, etc.
Paint: the old name of paint is oil and paint products.
Emulsion filler
Although the difference between paint and coating has been discussed for a long time, there is still no consistent, professional and principle determination so far. In the industry, the interpretation of coating and paint is always the same, so in the industry standard special terms agreement, only the special terms of coating are standardized, but the society often divides them into two kinds of goods.
The difference between paint and coating lies in the difference in the control and use of automatic dispenser. There is a rich history of paint in China. Why is it called paint? It starts from the early days when this kind of raw material is indispensable for vegetable oil and lacquer. Therefore, the word "paint" contains a dignified course and the most primitive culture. Due to the rapid development of scientific and technological innovation, the paint field continues to develop, and the varieties and categories of paint also continue to be innovated.
Silicone gum
The term "paint" has been used since the 1950s. In the industry has always felt that the difference between paint and coating is just a variety of terms for the same kind of raw materials. From 1950s to 1960s, even to 1970s, the industry often interpreted "paint" as academic name and "paint" as abbreviation. Therefore, at that time, the term "coating" more or less contained the sense of academic research, as if only the research unit could have the right to name the word coating, such as coating research institute or coating research office. In addition, all manufacturing industries are called paint factory, paint factory or paint factory, which is also one of the differences between paint and coating.

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