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What are the conditions to control the dispensing of high vi

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The amount of glue dispensed depends on the following key points: glue viscosity, load, glue supply time and instant break, so many factors need to be considered in order to complete high viscosity glue dispensing.
High viscosity filler
According to the above factors, the viscosity of glue depends on the difference of glue type. The viscosity value of applicable raw materials is between 1000 and 100000 units. Under the standard of adhesive placement, the greater the load, the higher the speed of glue dispensing; the longer the adhesive and load placement, the longer the glue supply time, the greater the glue output; the higher the instantaneous breaking property, the lower the glue delivery delay and wire drawing leakage, which should be considered in the dispensing of high viscosity glue.
Table 331 automatic dispensing machine
In order to complete the clear adjustment of the discharge volume, the high-speed dispenser should determine the accuracy of the adjustment, no problem in timing, excellent breaking characteristics.
The first step is to recognize the relationship between the viscosity of glue and the burden of gas source. Generally speaking, the higher the viscosity, the lower the liquidity. Only when the CPS value representing the viscosity and the gas source load value are in direct proportion to each other can the corresponding glue flow speed be confirmed, and the deep understanding of glue flow can be fundamentally guaranteed to achieve the effect of high viscosity glue dispensing. However, when adjusting, it should be taken into account that after the load value rises to the corresponding level, the ejected glue will produce the corresponding impact force on the components. When the impact force reaches another level, it will be attributed to the impact force and splash will occur. Therefore, the reasonable standard of the burden value is not only to ensure that the glue does not splash, but also to achieve the fastest glue delivery under the standard of manufacturing standards such as workers' skills, so as to improve efficiency.
Single cylinder dispensing valve
When the viscosity of the glue is low, the raw material will also leak downward due to its own gravity without increasing other burdens. If there is glue leakage, it is usually conceivable to use the high-speed dispenser to correctly dispense glue, not to mention the completion of high viscosity glue dispensing, so the high-precision dispensing should deal with the leakage under no load.

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