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Do you know why dispensing needles cannot be reused?

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1. If the dispensing needle is reused, multiple mixing interference will occur. The manufacturer of UV glue will be very strict and control the quality of UV glue from beginning to end. When the external dispensing needle or fluid pipeline is connected, an external touch is formed, so that the pollution source, purifiable substance, dust or other external components enter into the UV glue. Because of the overlapping pollution of glue with different production batch number or the dry solid particles formed during re application, the repeated use of dispensing needle will automatically pollute a manufacturing process. Try to see if the solution used to clean the needle will lead to the formation of an outer wall remnant in the center of the needle or in the pipe inside the needle. According to the water bath cleaning, water will remain water or pollution sources and interfere with product quality.
Flexible dispensing needle
2. When taking away and using the dispensing needle again, the operator may touch the UV glue.
3. When the dispensing needle is reused, the position of the needle is changed. In the automatic dispensing machine with instant pulse, the glue on the axis of the needle has the effect of lubrication. This will lead to the change of needle position, almost completely loosening in one dispensing cycle.
Plastic steel dispensing needle
4. Plugging of the dispensing needle will result in a small amount of dry and solid components remaining in the needle. (when the needle is pulled out of the cylinder or valve, the glue inside the needle will be exposed to light.) in a small hole with only. 033 "in the needle, the human eye usually can't see through 50 microns or the following fine spots or thin coating. If the dispensing needle is reused, some solvent accumulation will lead to a significant reduction of fluid fluidity.
Automatic filling and dispensing machine
Combined with the above situation, it is suggested that the dispensing needle should not be reused to avoid the impact on the production stability to a certain extent.

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