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What are the testing methods of dispensing quality for refer

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The inspection skills of dispensing quality of high-speed dispenser: beating, liquid crystal detection, identification, pressurization, acoustic resistance and ultrasonic method. For sealed pressure bonding parts, pressure sealing inspection can be carried out according to working substance and pressure. If there is no leakage, it is up to standard.
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Glue quality inspection skills: hit, liquid crystal detection, identification, pressure, acoustic resistance, ultrasonic method.
1. Hitting method: use a small hammer to hit the bonding surface, and carry out the dispensing quality inspection from the outgoing sound. If there is no defect on the whole, the sound from the percussion is clear, otherwise, the sound is dull, indicating that there are defects and small bubbles in it.
2. Liquid crystal detection method: wipe the liquid crystal and filler on the surface of the bonding joint during application. Then heat it up as soon as possible at equal distance. When the bonding layer of the high-speed dispensing machine has defects, because its density, specific heat and thermal conductivity are different, it causes the inconsistency of the external energy transmission of the structure. The high-speed dispensing machine causes the structure of the table and the temperature is not equal distance. Next, with the help of the color on the liquid crystal Adjust to detect the effect of dispensing quality inspection.
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3. Identification method: the inspector shall use his eyes to check whether there is crack, gap and glue shortage at the joint of the adhesive parts.
4. Pressurization method: for the adhesive parts under closed pressure, the pressure sealing inspection can be carried out according to the working substance and pressure. If there is no leakage, it is up to the standard.
5. Acoustic resistance method: according to the acoustic resistance detector to analyze the different resistance of the bonding joint equipment. Because the bonding quality of the sample is different, its vibration impedance is also different. If there is any defect in the glue dispensing quality inspection, the measured impedance will be significantly reduced.
6. Ultrasonic method: the ultrasonic wave used for flaw detection is transferred to the order of 1o6. If the bonding joint is defective, the ultrasonic wave can reflect such defects back. Therefore, it is a common dispensing quality inspection technology to investigate whether there are small bubbles, defects or gluing conditions in the adhesive layer.

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