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How much do you know about the characteristics of LED dispen

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Nowadays, in the LED industry, the LED dispenser also has a very large area, covering many consumer areas, such as electronic lighting industry, mechanical hardware industry, automobile manufacturing industry, etc. the characteristics of LED dispenser are derived from the adoption of three-axis linkage, manual teaching box program design target mode, control optimization, in addition to the development of dispensing compliance and dispensing accuracy to a large extent
What are the characteristics of LED dispenser? Next, with Dongguan City in the system of dispensing machine manufacturers to understand it.
Led dispensing machine features: high dispensing accuracy; export servo motor finishing, good reliability, high repetition accuracy, 24-hour non continuous operation; digital visual recognition finishing provides high-speed standard graphics selectivity; equipment high-precision quantitative analysis for glue use, to ensure the accuracy of each glue return, no leakage; set specifications, image characteristics, adjustment, no improper, random control; after high-precision It is the best choice for patch and high power quantitative analysis of high viscosity
Factors determining the accuracy of LED dispenser:
1. The rubber hose is blocked, the glue gun is blocked, and the glue is dry outside
2. The air pressure goes up and down, getting smaller and smaller
3. The solenoid valve has achievements and decides to exhaust
4. The glue is thin, which determines the amount of glue. Therefore, in order to make the characteristics of LED dispenser more obvious and applicable to conventional use, attention should be paid to such relevant factors to prevent the quality of the production line from being determined. In addition, attention should be paid to the technical training of operators so as to strengthen the dispensing quality more correctly.

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