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How can the automatic dispensing machine effectively improve

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The full-automatic dispensing machine is a three-axis active equipment. With the addition of special glue control equipment, it can achieve uniform and stable dispensing, dot, circle drawing, and three-axis collaborative application of three-dimensional parallel line interpolation, dispensing flexible and diverse, the progress of the full-automatic dispensing machine can be said to be booming, this small and medium-sized knitting can teach you how to improve the dispensing speed.
The progress of automatic dispensing machine is to reasonably liberate human capital, act as artificial high-efficiency manufacturing, and achieve intelligent manufacturing with high output and high quality. However, from time to time, we have many dispensing machines with very slow dispensing speed. Why?
I think most of the dispensing speed of dispensing machine depends on glue. The higher the fluidity of glue, the faster the dispensing machine is, and the flow rate is poor. The viscosity will greatly delay the dispensing speed. Therefore, to improve the dispensing speed, we should start from this aspect. In addition, we need to know how to deal with the glue with slow flow rate?
If the glue flow rate is too slow, we should change the delivery pipe from 1 / 4 to 3 / 8. If the conveying pipe is not used, it should be shorter and better. Not only to change the pipeline, but also to change the rubber outlet and pressure, so as to thoroughly promote the flow rate so that it can improve the dispensing speed. Use a large needle and a large pressure to increase the dispensing speed. If the glue can be heated, heating the glue will also greatly promote the glue flow rate, and then increase the dispensing speed!
When the glue viscosity is low, the adjustment way is relatively simple and rapid, the glue viscosity is high, the adjustment way is complex and the corresponding slow glue viscosity is low, the adjustment is too slow, too much glue will be adjusted, the glue viscosity is high, the beat is too fast, the glue is not easy to be adjusted, the product adjustment is not even, it will harm the quality, so we need to pay attention to the specific situation in addition to improving the dispensing speed.

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