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What is the way to speed up the efficiency of hot melt coati

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Because the cap is very small, it needs corresponding equipment to apply hot-melt glue to the cap. Usually, the full-automatic hot-melt glue dispenser is adopted. Put the bottle cap in the place of production line. In the transportation process, through optoelectronic detection, when the bottle cap is brought under the hot melt glue gun of the hot melt glue machine, the hot melt glue gun will automatically dispensing in the bottle cap. The amount of hot-melt adhesive here is specifically regulated by the hot-melt adhesive machine, and the dispensing efficiency can also be changed through the processing line, which has a good coordination to complete the work of hot-melt adhesive coating on the bottle cap.
Due to the enhancement of the living standard of modern people, the daily necessities and cosmetics industry has made rapid progress. Modern people are also getting more and more high standards. The adhesive is definitely standard and tasteless. Therefore, many products, cosmetics, perfume, hairdressing products and so on, many products are covered with hot melt adhesive, and the hot melt adhesive on the bottle cap is based on this. The double position hot melt glue dispenser is often used to control hot melt glue, which can be used as a traditional way to apply hot melt glue.
Operation advantages:
1. It has the functions of drawing point, line, arc, circle, reading system of irregular line continuous compensation and three-dimensional dispensing;
2. Any point, line, surface, arc and other irregular lines continue to apply glue, which meets the needs of hot-melt glue coating for a variety of bottle caps.
3. Fast, low noise efficiency BLDCM makes dispensing stronger.
4. Electrostatic releaser can eliminate static electricity at about ± 100V
5. The automatic compensation function of dispensing range makes the operation convenient and quick.
6. The range array of XY, the operation of displacement rotation, the reverse use of material tray, choose different operation positioning.
7. The hot melt adhesive can be applied to the bottle cap between three-axis area linear interpolation, three-axis area arc interpolation and elliptical arc interpolation
8. The introduction of computer graphics, PLT data, TCF data and G-code data can be used
9. It can replace the manual work and complete the specialized production of hot melt glue on the bottle cap. The single machine can be operated easily, quickly and accurately. It can accurately position and control the glue without drawing, leaking or dropping.

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