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What are the precautions for using silica gel dispenser?

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There are many precautions for the silicone dispenser, which will be described below
1. When using the silicone dispenser, the staff should consider the precautions of the silicone dispenser, because the dispensing needle of the dispenser is very small and sharp, so they should pay attention to avoid being stabbed by the needle.
2. High quality and reliable silica gel dispenser should use corresponding air pressure when using, so that silica gel can be successfully transported out of stainless steel barrel. Therefore, the maximum input air pressure specified by silica gel dispenser must be paid attention to when using, and the working air pressure limit pressure of the dispenser must be paid attention not to exceed the corresponding standard, so as to prevent it from being attributed to air pressure and limit Too much pressure causes damage to the dispensing body, which is the key point of the service life of the silicone dispensing machine.
3. Because the setting efficiency of silica gel is relatively fast, in the case of using silica gel dispenser, once it is detected that there is waste residue at the needle tip, the technical personnel must pay attention to immediately clean up the waste residue, because once the waste and silica gel are cemented, it will block the needle intoxication and counter axis of silica gel dispenser, and interfere with the glue and counter axis of the equipment Service life, so this is easy to ignore in the precautions of silicone dispenser.
4. Although the fluidity of silica gel is very poor, it always has the corresponding fluidity. Therefore, when using silica gel dispenser for dispensing, the technicians should pay attention to the precautions of silica gel dispenser, do not pile up or rotate the syringe freely in the working process, to prevent silica gel in the syringe from changing everywhere. Therefore, according to the gas pipe flowing into the electronic components in silica gel equipment , causing internal parts to bond and damage.
Because the silica gel dispenser is a kind of dispensing equipment with high accuracy and intelligence, it is widely used at present. Therefore, in order to obtain good dispensing quality and precision, the company should pay attention to the purchase of silica gel dispenser with good brand, and pay attention to the precautions of various silica gel dispensers in the use of rings to ensure the dispensing quality.

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