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How to deal with the problem of slow curing of dispenser?

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The products used in dispensing machine include mobile phone protective shell, mobile phone hanging, anti-static wrist strap and anti-static wrist band. The application of dispensing machine has reached the continuous operation of automatic production line, established the standard of fast and convenient transportation of glue, and improved the production efficiency of the industry. How to deal with the shortage of glue curing speed when operating dispensing machine? ?
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Silica gel materials can be divided into organic silica gel materials and inorganic silica gel materials according to their characteristics and components. The addition silica gel material in liquid silica gel has high chemical reliability and heat resistance. It can be used for a long time from - 55 ℃ to 220 ℃ to ensure its properties.
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In the case of using silica gel material to complete the production of products, the situation of non curing and slow curing of silica gel material has occurred. The addition molding silica gel material can raise the curing efficiency by heating, and the moisture content has no harm to the curing efficiency of the dispensing machine. The condensation type silica gel material does not need to be heated to improve the curing efficiency, but the moisture content can improve the curing efficiency, and the condensation type silica gel material will not be completely uncured, only the slow curing condition, the slow curing and the curing agent can be added. The addition of silica gel material does not cure completely, maybe silica gel poisoning.
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The curing principle of silica gel material is hygroscopic curing. When the temperature increases, the curing efficiency of dispensing machine becomes faster. On the contrary, curing is slow. When the silica gel material is not used, the temperature and moisture content of the storage should be adjusted. It can be stored in 8 ~ 28 ℃ ventilated and dry place, suitable for 8 ~ 21 ℃.
The reason for the slow curing of dispensing machine is that there are too few curing agents, the proportion of curing agents increases, and the curing efficiency becomes faster. In this way, we can deal with the problem better.

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