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Dispensing displacement of large high speed dispenser

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The mechanical arm dispenser appears more automatic shift, now on the market of each device is used for dispensing the three axis have such problems, dispensing machine shift causes more, especially for large high speed dispensing machine, in order to prevent the automatic shift problems, many enterprises want to have method to solve, this is the need to choose a different way according to the real situation, the large high speed dispensing machine also has a set of automatic shift problem solving.
Floor type large multi station dispensing machine
Dispensing machine automatic shift effect problem is itself in addition to external conditions, large dispensing machine automatic shift Z axis may be used for a long time, the automatic shift of Z axis, this is the most dispensing machine problems, dispensing the daily working time of a eleven to twelve hours, don't stop the high speed operation, the Z axis will impact the track, so that there will be a Z axis using the fault, this problem requires only the high speed dispensing time stops and adjusts the parameters of the Z axis, which is beneficial to the large high speed glue machine production.
Multi position visual multi station dispensing machine
Large high speed dispensing machine in addition to their own problems, there is the factory voltage will affect the dispensing operation, insufficient voltage dispensing machine cannot drive shaft running in Z, Z axis did not complete the general instructions, x/y has begun to accept the next instruction, this will cause the Z axis speed can not keep up, want to solve this problem can be connected to a large high speed dispensing machine that can stabilize the voltage regulator, delivered to the dispensing machine.
Desktop Longmen aluminum dispenser
The problem of the Z axis of the dispenser is due to the immaturity of the technology. China made Machinery Co., Ltd. will strengthen the research and development of a new type of high-speed dispensing machine to solve the Z axis automatic shift problem.

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