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What are the reasons for glue flow control of dispenser?

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The reason why users choose the automatic dispensing machine is its intelligence, convenience, stability and rapidity. The problem of glue flow control lies in the obstacle before realizing the precise gluing effect. As we all know, most of the dispensing effect depends on the precise adjustment and control of glue output. Once the glue is applied too much or not enough, it is the root cause of defective products Therefore, the flow control should be paid attention to when finishing dispensing.
Middle hole filling
Most of the automatic dispensers on the market push the glue out through the pneumatic drive. This mode only needs to ensure the stability of the air supply source to complete the continuous production. Therefore, it can be understood that the glue flow control is related to the air pressure, and there will be more glue out at the high point of the air pressure adjustment. Otherwise, if the air pressure value is reduced, the glue out will be reduced. Follow this principle Adjust the air pressure at any time to control the glue quantity. Similarly, if the air pressure of glue supply is not stable, the glue flow control will not be accurate and easy to fluctuate, resulting in various problems, such as lack of glue quantity or intermittent glue delivery.
Multi specification needle
Of course, each component will also affect the effect of glue flow control. The glue outlet of dispensing syringe or dispensing needle will limit the maximum output of glue volume. For example, the frequently used dispensing needle is selected according to the specification. The larger the specification number, the finer the needle and the smaller the structure. Therefore, a more precise and uniform glue volume is needed to select such a needle To compare a large number of glue flow control can choose a low specification number of needles, so that one-way control more glue.
High viscosity filler
Another influencing factor of glue flow control is easy to be ignored, that is, the influence of glue viscosity on the fluidity. Because high viscosity glue causes poor fluidity, it is difficult to release glue, and even part of it will solidify in the position of releasing glue. In this case, glue flow control is relatively difficult, and it can be controlled by adjusting higher air pressure or reducing glue viscosity.

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