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What are the technical requirements for the coating of packa

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Wooden packaging board is often referred to as density board. Generally, it is made of good quality wood board by edge sealing. In the whole process, the packaging board needs to be glued and controlled within a reasonable range. The two sides of the packaging board are covered with a proper amount of glue, which has a longer service life and application value. Of course, this is the case when the glue cannot be over filled, so a high-quality one needs to be selected The quantity of automatic glue applicator can ensure its overall quality.
Gluing of wooden packaging board
Requirements for coating of packaging board
The first step is to remove the foreign matters or dust particles at the gluing position. After the glue is taken out, it needs to be kept in the corresponding temperature for use. For example, the degree of 30-40 ° C will be better. When the temperature is lower than 30 ° C, the glue attached to the packaging board needs to be dry and solid for a long time. In addition, the dispensing platform and the glue outlet valve need to be kept in a relatively clean and tidy state. The gluing machine is used for both Evenly apply the glue to the proper position, reduce the operation time once completed, prevent the problem of long aging time, in addition, avoid the adverse conditions such as high viscosity glue drawing or missing glue application. The better coating effect of the packaging board is: the glue material is evenly distributed, fast dry and solid, does not affect the product quality and appearance, and evenly adheres to the joint.
Multi head automatic glue applicator
Recommended selection of equipment
The selection of the medium-sized glue applicator has a high degree of completion for the gluing work of the packaging board. The packaging board is placed on the fixed fixture, and the path and setting parameters of the plate gluing are set through the external controller. Pressing the operation key will start the uniform gluing along with the path. The application of the equipment ensures that the packaging board is evenly glued, and the spraying is stable without leakage, which is positive for the product to ensure the gluing quality To improve the effect, high-quality packaging board finished products made of packaging wooden box with good effect, good quality, stability and deformation.
Double position automatic glue applicator
After gluing, the packaging board needs to be stored in a better space, because if the storage environment is not good, the logs may be fragile, rotten or even darker, so the overall value of the packaging board will be greatly reduced.

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