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What is the effect of visual dispensing machine for stainles

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304 stainless steel is a common material. This link is about the problems and needs in the bonding stage of stainless steel strips. The metal products factory has several detailed production requirements for this link. The selection of glue should be the applicable metal instant glue. In addition, if the dispensing process is of high demand, we can consider choosing the visual dispensing machine to complete the work It is very suitable for the bonding of small stainless steel parts.
Adhesive coating of stainless steel strip
Bonding requirements of stainless steel strip
1. Fast bonding speed
2. High strength
3. Low pungent odor
4. It is convenient for mass production
Instant curing adhesive
It is recommended to operate the visual dispensing machine to complete the above requirements. The advantage of automatic visual equipment is that there is no need for complicated placement processing. After the semi-finished products are placed in the dispensing area, the visual recognition function can confirm the dispensing position of stainless steel strip, and apply an appropriate amount of adhesive according to the expected setting. This mode requires less investment in operation steps, and only needs to be responsible for material placement and material placement Confirm the operation. The stainless steel strip can be glued manually after the adhesive surface is aligned. The initial curing effect can be achieved in about 5-8 seconds. The curing strength is relatively durable in about 30 minutes. There is little problem of glue whitening in specific metal instant glue. In addition, there is no corrosion at the bonding position, which meets the quality requirements of stainless steel strip bonding.
Platform type visual dispensing machine
It is worth mentioning that the dispensing valve matched with the visual dispensing machine needs to meet the control effect of metal instant glue. Because the glue solidifies quickly and is inconvenient to handle in practice, the product adjustment process will be difficult and difficult to deal with. The added glue valve will affect the quality of the finished product bonded with stainless steel strips. One more point is to avoid working rings with damp sealing Under the environment, otherwise, there may be surface whitening and even erosion.

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