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What is the unique feature of double liquid dispensing machi

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What we are talking about here is only limited to the small metal adhesive plastics. The special fixed fixture and dispensing equipment are used for joint operation. Because AB glue is used for bonding, this glue has the corresponding acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance effect. In addition, the effect of fixing, bonding and sealing meets the needs of the production process. The AB adhesive for metal bonding is better, but the adhesive plastic may not be easy to be coated and bonded, so it needs special features Only a special type of AB adhesive can be used for gluing plastics, achieving the function of bonding and fixing without degumming, and can meet the application of metal adhesive plastics.
Metal bonded plastics
First, remove the rust, dirt, dust and other impurities that may be attached to the surface of the bonding position, and make the surface clean and not too smooth. Adjust the mixing ratio of the two-liquid dispensing machine to 1:1, and continuously stir in one direction to ensure that the mixture is uniform. After mixing, it can be applied to the metal surface or plastic material surface. The glue amount is recommended to be no more than 100g. After filling, the two sides should be compacted immediately to make the bonding position The initial curing strength is about 5 minutes, and the ideal curing strength is achieved after about 4-5 hours.
Small double liquid dispensing machine
When the double liquid dispenser is running, the effect of quantitative proportioning in the bottom mixing pipe is better. The static mixing is not affected by the Newtonian force and the mixing is uniform. In addition, the operation efficiency can be completed in this way is much higher than that of the previous types. The problem of external mixing is that the odor is large, which is mainly caused by insufficient operation time. Manual mixing is the main problem The adhesive not only operates unevenly and slowly, but also affects the effect of interference due to more special conditions, and also affects the effect of metal viscoplastic.
Two component adhesive ab
The glue taken out at the beginning may not be suitable for the effect required by the metal viscose plastics. The main reason is that the mixed and adjusted glue will have better curing strength after waiting for a period of time. If the glue is used directly at the beginning, it may not be uniform.

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