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Why can glue stick to objects and how it works?

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Customers who often use dispenser must have an understanding of the operation performance and advantages of the equipment. This time, we will introduce the principle and application of glue bonding. Glue is a curing agent that can bond two different objects or the same object. It is a key and important bonding material in chemical products. Now all kinds of metal bonding and fixation need corresponding glue filling After being applied to the bonding surface, the molecules are immersed in the tissue. When the water in the glue evaporates, the bonding effect begins.
Product potting glue
According to the principle of glue bonding, the curing strength can be improved more effectively and stably. Therefore, it is the primary requirement to keep the polymer in good contact with the object, that is, why the glue should be distributed evenly, so as to accelerate the curing speed and form a high-strength bonding solid, including whether the amount of glue is suitable is also a part of the effect quality evaluation In the case of too much glue, the water volatilization speed of many polymers will be reduced. In addition, the individual polymers will be squeezed together, so the tensile strength will be weakened, and the bonding strength will also be weakened. On the contrary, too little glue will not be able to bond well. It is mainly because the bonding surface is not sufficiently stable that there is no good fixed strength.
Glue the lock handle
In many kinds of glue selection, AB glue has an important value position. It needs two kinds of glue a (this glue) and B glue (promoting catalyst) to mix in proportion to achieve the required adhesive. This glue bonding principle is to let the catalyst mix and adjust according to the correct ratio. The catalyst can promote the rapid evaporation of water in the adhesive, so the curing strength of actual bonding will be strengthened Therefore, it is necessary to choose the mixture ratio of AB adhesive for faster curing and bonding strength.
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There is a kind of special glue on the market. The bonding principle of this kind of glue is quite special. After heating, it will generate gas, which can be used to extract the existing fingerprints. It belongs to a treatment method for police.

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