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Quartz fiber high-speed dispensing glue it function

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Also called quartz optical fiber optical fiber is made of high purity silica using multiple components, mainly responsible for the transmission of optical signals in the circuit, the dispensing part responsible for the production process of fiber high speed dispensing machine, with low loss of firmness in the dispensing process, the prospects for the development of high speed optical fiber dispenser is a clear, in order to to meet the characteristics of the quartz fiber high yield, some manufacturers may be in high speed dispensing machine on with injection valves, can spray in the production process?
Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser
Glue dispensing machine is a kind of special glue method, high speed dispensing machine also applies glue glue fast and attached a wide area, which is characteristic of contact methods do not have a large area, mainly used in wood glue sponge type, a moderate viscosity plasticity glue is good, not so the surface node class phenomenon. Large area objects better than glue dispensing effect, if this kind of quartz fiber small objects can't use glue.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
The spray coating area is wide, and high speed dispensing time to maintain a high speed working mode, the use of spray words are unstable and difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the spray, if used for this type of quartz fiber small objects or glue is easy to overflow is not accurate and alignment, the firmness of the quartz fiber needs better, and only moderate viscosity glue does not meet the production requirements of quartz fiber, so there is no way to better accomplish the adhesion work.
Desktop optical fiber high speed dispenser
Of course, to make high-speed dispensing machine more stable work can use relatively large needle in the dispensing process, large dispensing needle glue supply and stable high strength glue adhesive, glue in mechanical arm at high speed there is no unstable leakage etc., enhance the work efficiency and meet the dispensing, quartz the requirements of fiber solid glue.

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