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What are the advantages of silica gel?

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When it comes to high viscosity glue, we will naturally think of silica gel. The advantages of high viscosity silica gel are mainly reflected in the bonding strength and application range. The stability of the glue is also highly concerned. This kind of glue needs the corresponding dispenser to control the glue output effect, and the uniform filling glue function can meet the filling effect of various types of products. If there is no corresponding dispensing technology investment It can not meet the requirements of mass production of production line.
Bonding silica gel
Suitable for mass production
The composition of silica gel is composed of silicone, crosslinking agent, etc. the binder composed of this ratio not only has excellent performance and high bonding strength, but also has short curing time and good flexibility. Therefore, it meets most of the manufacturing needs of the production line, so it is suitable for the bonding effect of mass production.
High strength bonding effect
The advantages of silica gel mainly focus on the high strength after curing, and it is not easy to weaken and crack. It can be used for adhesive coating only when the temperature and humidity meet the requirements of normal operation and temperature and humidity (the temperature is higher than 25 ℃ and the humidity is higher than 65%). The filled silica gel can be initially solidified in 3 minutes. The initial effect is a little dry effect, and it takes 24 hours to reach the best curing strength. After complete curing, the curing strength of bonding products is difficult to fall off even by external means. The bonding strength depends on the tensile effect of silica gel. For example, the high strength effect and anti-corrosion effect of this glue are taken into account for the silicone sealing ring.
Bottled glue
Wide range of industries
High quality silica gel can be used to bond silica gel products, and can also be used to bond other kinds of products, such as plastics, copper products, aluminum products, stone products and bamboo forest materials. After bonding, the glue curing position has high transparency, in addition, it also has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, strong water resistance, etc., and the glue is precisely and stably controlled by the dispenser Therefore, the operation is relatively simple and easy to control.
Mold coated with silica gel
The advantages of silica gel have the advantages that other types of adhesives do not have, such as good thermal stability and chemical properties, as well as good bonding strength, which meets the needs of industry production.

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