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Is the cleaning of wire optic fiber high speed dispenser com

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The main wire to conduction current, often used in daily life, some special wires need to use fiber high speed dispensing machine can be fixed, often using structural adhesive bonding of wires, the structure viscosity too high, resulting in high speed fiber adhesive machine burdens, so often need to make cleaning high speed dispensing machine in the best working condition of dispensing, the user may ask the cleaning fiber high speed dispensing is complicated, some fiber high speed dispensing machine is equipped with automatic cleaning system and cleaning work is very simple, but a relatively complex manual cleaning.
Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser
Equipped with high speed fiber dispensing machine automatic cleaning system is realized by acid pump automatic cleaning, the user only needs to be poured into a machine body cleaning agent, cleaning agent can acid pump application of a variety of highly irritating, so it will not affect the body in the dispensing, cleaning system after the user to the waste residue poured out to avoid accumulation effect, wastewater.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
If the manual cleaning needs to be fragile parts inside the fiber high speed dispensing machine in cleaning out before work, because some parts may not be able to withstand these high stimulation cleaning agents, such as high speed dispensing needles with lower hardness may be affected by the cleaner, serious may make parts erosion lose effect, of course you can take this opportunity to check the parts of normal working condition, if necessary, can replace the accessories, and then use a clean cloth to wipe clean wash pipe can be easily affected by viscose glue erosion place.
Detergent for high speed dispenser
The cleaning work is complicated by a certain effect of daily cleaning, if the daily cleaning work execution, cleaning work is not so complicated, daily cleaning operator only easily remove foreign body dirt, then add lubricating oil as maintenance can.

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